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"I've been Zumba-ing for years now in many different places, settings, and states, so I know it can truly be hit-or-miss when it comes to Zumba instructors. But Jen B. is by far the best Zumba instructor I've ever had and I'm so glad I found her! I only wish I had found her Zumba Bootcamp earlier. She is not only a great dancer, but also a good TEACHER. Her cueing during the choreography is spot-on and she takes great care in making us feel comfortable in how we perform the moves so we get the maximum results with the least chance of injuring ourselves, always providing low-impact options for those who need them (and the encouragement for those of us who want to go high-impact). You can tell that a lot of preparation goes into her classes and routines, and that she is very knowledgeable about fitness and strength-training.  I also want to add that Jen B. does an awesome job at mixing up the routines, bringing in new songs every few days but also letting us enjoy the ones we already know and love. I never get bored. She also mixes a lot of different rhythms (not just salsa/merengue/reggaeton, but also bellydance, Bollywood, tango, etc).  The addition of kettlebell at the end of class is such an awesome way to boost that calorie burn and provide a strength-resistance component, plus, it's super fun! I had never picked up a kettlebell before Jen B.'s class and now I'm addicted. Lastly, the atmosphere in her class is very friendly and encouraging.This is the most fun and exhilarating way to start my day, bright and early. I wish I could really explain how happy I feel when I leave that studio and I can get on with the rest of my day in a positive, upbeat way, knowing I've done something good for my body and my soul.


-Gabriela (yelp)


"Jen is an awesome Zumba and Barre instructor. She talks you through the steps, she is upbeat and fun, and her classes are for folks of all sizes and backgrounds. I am not someone who works out regularly and Jen's classes are so fun, I have signed up for both her Zumba and Barre classes on weekdays at 6am. In Zumba, we regularly switch up songs and movements, so the numbers never get old. Barre is a great all-body workout that is challenging and refreshing. Join her classes at anytime and you won't be disappointed."


-Lane (Yelp)



"Jen is an amazing instructor! She keeps her classes fun and knows what she's doing. Before I signed up for her bootcamp she talked to me personally and spent time discussing what I was interested in and what I was hoping to get out of her class. Each time I step into her class I think to myself, "How on earth have I spent my life without kickstarting my day with this?" She's even got new things like kettlebells I've experienced and it is so much fun! If you want to really bump up your routine you can add this to your cardio workout and see your body REALLY come together. I'm impressed and pleased with my body and her classes! Check her out! She's part of this great community and I can't say enough about her. Five stars." 

-Melissa T. (yelp)


"I stated taking Jen's Zumba class right after I took her demonstration class in December 2012. Jen's passion and dedication of Zumba and teaching are filled in every class she teaches. She really makes it fun and enjoyable while doing fitness. I like the choreography, music and explanation of movement. For past 8 years, I have been a Chinese language instructor, dance teacher and chorographer in several universities and institutes. I have high expectation of the dance and fitness class I take. I highly recommend Jen's Zumba class!" 

-Yuan Y. (Yelp)



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