Zumba(R) with Jen B. - Make Fitness Fun!

I've been teaching group fitness on and off since 1988, but Zumba(R) is the most fun program that I've ever taken or taught. That's because Zumba(R) is based on international music and dance styles like salsa, cumbia, merengue, soca, quebradita, bellydance and bhangra (to name a few). You get so caught up in the music that you tend to forget that you're working out! When done safely, it is an excellent low impact alternative to running that effectively burns calories through interval type training. You do NOT need to know how to dance and you do NOT need to know how to exercise because I'll show you how to do steps and how to modify them so that you can regulate your impact and intensity levels and keep from aggravating any preexisting problems. And because you can easily modify the moves to suit your needs, the class is really your own. So come join the party! You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions!




I currently teach Zumba at several gyms, a dance studio, and an employee wellness space downtown. I teach cardio barre M&W at 6am at Artisan Dance Studio, 4310 N. High Street. I will be teaching Zumba on T&Th at 6am at Artisan beginning May 2015. 

Email me for details at: jenb@Zumbawithjenb.com